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Episode Description:

The guys open the show discussing the second push for big C little v shutdowns with specific focus on California. They dive into the defunding of police in Los Angeles schools and how this potentially opens doors for deep state false flag events. They discuss the influx of Cv cases due to commingled test results and how “sheeple” are continuing to follow the CDC guidelines without hesitation. They continue to illuminate the racial history (and continued practice) of the Democratic Party and how they wish to destroy America. They end the show discussing a rumor that the deep state will cause arson events in the suburbs on July 4th and how the use of fireworks will be blamed for the cause of the next impending wild fire catastrophe.


Show Notes:


- CDC mixed two test types:

- Bill Gates Prepping Us For Second Virus:

- Aaron Russo Warns About Microchips:

- Vaccines to Have RFID Chips (3:30):

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