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Episode Description:

The guys open the show discussing various new topics, including the Missouri couple who defended their property agains BLM rioters, Robert Kennedy Jr. possibly verifying JFK Jr. is alive, and the Ohio man who turned his lawn into a MASSIVE Trump 2020 banner.

The conversation leads into a Ghislaine “Jizzstain” Maxwell update that focuses on Jizzy’s hand-picked attorney, Christian Everdell. Everdell helped bring down drug boss El Chapo but he also has ties to the FBI agent that “committed suicide” and also happened to be investigating the Clinton Foundation for funneling BILLIONS of dollars while she was Secretary of State.

For the main topic, the guys take a DEEP dive into the Wayfair child trafficking scandal where Wayfair was selling exorbitantly priced items that had names that matched those of missing children. They inspect footage taken from multiple accounts, Tom Hanks connections, and look at the connections between Wayfair and child trafficking at the US/Mexico border.


Show Notes:


Her Attorney Worked with Top FBI Financial Crimes Investigator Who “Killed Himself” at Nightclub, and was Investigating Clinton Foundation:


- Sal Cincinelli investigating Clintons:


1. Exorbitantly Priced Items with Names That Match Missing Children:



2. Ties to Tom Hanks


- SKU codes for high priced items show pictures of little girls too:

- SKU codes AUTOPOPULATE Shipping Name:

- US Navy Tweet about Hanks:

- Hanks Ankle Bracelet:

3. Wayfair CEO and Upper Management

- $200,000 worth of mattresses and bunk beds to furnish a detention camp in Clint, Texas:

- Children Not Related to Immigrant Adults:

- Upper Management Previously Worked for Bain and Company and ClintonHealth Access:

- George Soros Owns Stock in Wayfair:

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