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Episode Description:

The guys open the show diving into Twitter banning Q@N0N-related accounts and how this move to clamp down free speech could backfire against them by sparking more interest in Q. They then discuss several recent events, including a BLM individual kneeling on the neck of a child, the end of a 30-year old sex cult, and Trump “wishing her well” to Ghislaine Maxwell.

The topic then sways into the swelling feud between the US and China. They touch on the Chinese nationals who were indicted for attempting to steal big C little v vaccine research and also the Chinese consulate that just set internal documents on fire. The guys take a deep dive into the possibilities of war with China and how the deep state could be planning a possible assassination attempt on Trump.

To end the show, the guys focus on the murders surrounding Judge Salas. They dive into the attorney who was “suicided” and the possible connections he had to Salas and another murder victim. The conversation turns to focus on Epstein’s ties to the Deutsche Bank lawsuit and how people involved in this case keep dying.


Show Notes:

- Twitter ban:

- BLM kneels on child:

- 30-year sex cult:

- 2 Chinese nationals indicted:

- Chinese consulate fire:

- Pelosi 2nd in line:

- Judge Salas:

- Epstein Deutsche bank:

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