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Episode Description:

The guys open the show discussing the pushback against ANTIFA and touch on the Sturgis Bike Week where ANTIFA hooligans attempted to crash the event. They then talk about how the Democrats will stop at nothing to make people vote by mail including creating conspiracies that Trump supporters are stealing post boxes. They touch on the recent arrest of FBI lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, and how this may lead the arrest of other senior officials from the Obama administration.

For the main topic, the guys focus on the arrest of Brandon Kiel, who was the deputy director of community affairs at the California DOJ under Kamala Harris. Kiel was charged with impersonating a police officer through the Masonic Fraternal Police Department (MFPD), which claimed they had bloodlines from the Knights Templar. This opens the door into the heretical practices of the Knights Templar, including worshiping a severed head called “Baphomet” (aka Lucifer).


Show Notes:


- Cali Power Outages


- Chief Deputy Director in Knights Templar

- David Henry video where LA Detective trying to kill him





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