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Episode Description:

The guys open the show talking about “Q” anon becoming a mainstream media topic and how things seem to be heating up in this arena. They touch on Trump’s response to Q and various topics surrounding several deep state players. The discussion then swings into the DNC highlights and the trending of #BigMike. The guys focus on Michelle “Big Mike” Obama and her possibility to enter the presidential race.

The guys discuss several key primary candidate victories and the overall discomfort amongst Americans. They touch on the coming “storm” and how obedient citizens will not obey much longer. Closing the show, they talk about the scantily dressed LOL dolls, Poopsie sex-talk phone number, and various perversions that are imposed through children’s toys.


Show Notes:


- Biden is Biden’s Husband

- Big Mike was trending on Twitter

- Michelle favorable to voters

- Michelle threat

- Michelle children in cages


- Trump asked about q again today


- Blockchain voting

- Qmap - NSA involvement

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