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Episode Description:

The guys open the show with the #pardonmyamericangiveaway winner! Congrats! They then take a deep dive into Cuties, which is a French film airing on Netflix that was recently heavily reprimanded after Netflix inappropriate marketed adolescent girls in sexualized positions. After this, they touch on Joe Biden and Water Island, which is an island next to Little St. James Island owned by Jeffery Epstein.

Closing the show, the guys focus on the riots in Portland and all over America. They observe several videos depicting the chaos that occurred over the weekend. They also look at a video by David Harris Jr. that indicates the officers who knelt on George Floyd could end up being acquitted of murder charges.


Show Notes:


- Beetle juice

- Portland BLM in Suburbs

- DHJ Floyd on Fentanyl


- Biden’s Brother purchased parcel from James Biden (brother)

- Disney Magical Kingdom Tours


- Ties with Obama

- Higher Ground Obama partnership with Netflix

- Cuties

- Netflix response

- Cuties won Sundance award, co founder arrested for child sex abuse

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