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The guys open the show discussing the continued information drips about the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop. They go into Hunter's troubled past with his family and explore newly released text messages that reveal his seemingly contentious relationship with his father, creepy Joe. The guys discuss the possibility of Hunter betraying his family (especially Pops!) by purposefully submitting laptops with incriminating evidence to the repair shop. Is Hunter secretly working with the Trump team to redeem himself?

The guys then discuss election fraud and a Judicial Watch study that found 353 counties within 29 states with voter registrations over 100%! More votes than voters?! Then, they discuss a trending story regarding an election system glitch that gives users the ability to change or cancel votes in Oregon and Washington State. They close the show looking at several funny videos!

Episode Links:

Hunter texts

25,000 pics

Excess Voter Registrants

Changing Peoples Voter Registration

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