#164: Tensions Rising

As Greg and Chris wait for Dave to convalesce, they meet up via Zoom to discuss relevant events from this week and some that will be coming soon.  They touch on the incoming solar flares that could threaten the "digital economy." 

With the upcoming assessment from the Director of National Intelligence this week, social media sites could be looking for ANY reason to throw the killswitch.  The guys take a look into the impending vaccine roll-out and how an Australian vaccine trial was halted due to producing false-positive for HIV.  They dive further into how the vaccine contained a HIV protein segment that could ostensibly indicate HIV WAS inserted into Big C little v. 

Ending the show, the guys discuss a new policy in Seattle that would allow homeless, mentally-ill drug addicts to steal with impunity (while tax payers cover the cost) and the couple that was kicked off the United Airlines flight because their 2-year old daughter refused to mask up!

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