Chris and Greg join by Zoom again, but man do they cover a lot of topics!  They start by pointing out the continued push from media and public health officials to have the black community inoculated with the Big C little v v@ccine.  They also look into other treatments such as the "wonder drug" evidenced by Dr. Pierre Kory's studies and a relevant HCQ update.

For election news, the guys discuss the Antrim County, Michigan investigation into the Dominion Voting Systems machines and how both ballot error and rejection rates were through the roof!  They look into the contested electorates and discuss Mike Pence's role in the upcoming decision on January 6th.  They close this segment by looking into how the SolarWinds platform left the Dominion Voting Systems machines vulnerable to cyber attacks and how Snowden AND Assange could BOTH be pardoned soon.

Closing the show, they look at several grab bag topics including Tom Cruise's on-set freak out over "people standing too close together," an Orange County judge ordering the release of MURDERERS and PEDOPHILES due to covid, and a VERY peculiar TikTok video of a man insinuating that he is a surviving member of Seal Team 6 (MUST WATCH).

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