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Show Notes:

On this episode of PMA, we dive into Trump's G7 visit. Specifically, we talk about Melania's dress displaying the Hibiscus 'Perfect Storm' flower and also how Trump created a Q with his telecom cable on the meeting table. We then discuss our favorite social-justice warrior justice, Ruth Bacon Cheeseburger (Bader Ginsburg) and how she is embedded everywhere in our culture (even though she's a robot). As politicians make a push to normalize deep-fake videos, our spidey-senses think that damning footage surrounding the Epstein island rituals is about to be exposed. We discuss the socialism-themed Monopoly game that was just release and how we can't wait to play it for the greatness of the common good. To close the show, we talk about the former Overstock CEO revealing that Trump, Rubio, Cruz, and Killery? were all targeted in a FBI coup. With the release of the FISA documents right around the corner, we believe this is a misinformation stunt to redirect the attention of the public from the real news: FBI corruption!


Melania's Dress:

Trump G7 Q Cable:

Ruth Bacon Cheeseburger Tumor News:

Socialism-Themed Monopoly:

Deep Fake Links:

Bill Hader/ Tom Cruise:

Adam Schiff Concerned:

Overstock CEO Videos:


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