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The guys begin the show by discussing the recent impeachment hearing news and how the economy is booming above expectations. They go into the terrible week that Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, including the Joe Biden confrontation with an elderly voter who questioned the Hunter Biden Ukraine scandal. The guys further discuss the Andrew Yang whipped cream squirt debacle and the Elizabeth Warren bowling alley admission.

Moving into Q drops, the guys examine the rapid increase in CEO resignations and then focus on Trump’s role in the great awakening by showing how hating people has become too easy.

For the Fake News article of the week, the guys contrast AOC’s claim regarding past and the food stamp revisions. AOC proved that she didn’t read the fine print within the revision and that people with dependents will still receive food stamps.

They take a deep dive into possible false flags that may be looming due to the IG report release. They discuss ground-breaking science that not only tells you when you’ll die, but may offer the ability to become young again. They discuss how the deep state may be using this science to keep notable people alive..eh hem..Ruth Bacon Cheeseburger!







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